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Fawar al Hasbani

Lebanese traditional cuisine since 1966


Fawar al Hasbani is an exquisite place that has refined the art of a great selection of Lebanese traditional cuisine since 1966, through a wide range of home made delicious Mezah, mixed grill and fresh hasbani fish with a flavored glass of arak al Fawar.

Recover the charming effect of this place with guest seats touching the Hasbani River, listening to its murmuring, filling your eyes with the magical and romantic view of nature with the extensive use of green grass areas and gardens, surrounding with old and perennial trees such as poplar, willow...

Children also will have a great fun playing in special areas full of games, swing, and swimming pool.

Fawar Al Hasbani is the perfect place to share sweet memories with whom you love, where you can enjoy, relax, dine and dance the night in a place that host more than 1500 seated guest.

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